Subject: Re: Suggestions for a backup solution
To: Steven M. Bellovin <>
From: Wojciech Puchar <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/02/2002 23:29:42
> (
> claims that (in the U.S.) DVD-Rs cost about $10, and rewritable ones
> about $5 more.  I haven't tried hard to verify either number, but a

so it's very expensive in poland only (about 2x)

15$/5GB disk will be cheap.

> 30-second search of one Web site found one brand of rewritable DVD at
> US$19.  Not cheap, compared to CD-R, but I can certainly afford a few
> for level 0 dumps.  And as you point out, most level 1 and higher dumps
> won't take up more than one CD-R.
> As for
> > you always can record through pipe.
> > i recorded >500 CD's through pipe on 6x speed CD-R on P-133 with 5400RPM
> > IDE drive, often while listening to mp3's, browsing www, reading
> > mail/news, sometimes compiling and NEVER had buffer underrun.
> Yes, I can write a script that uses pipes, and I probably will (I
> hadn't realized that piping dump | mkisofs | cdrecord would work).  But

no mkisofs!!!!!


mkfifo /tmp/cdrecord

dump ........parameters.... -B 666000 -f /tmp/cdrecord

on another console

cdrecord -v blank=fast speed=xxx /tmp/cdrecord

and when dump prompts for next media rerun cdrecord and then hit enter in

> I'd prefer a solution that let me use dump/restore's volume-switching
> feature.
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