Subject: Re: Setting up ipnat with NetBSD and OSX
To: Ian P. Thomas <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/28/2001 14:33:52
On Fri, Dec 28, 2001 at 04:51:13PM -0500, Ian P. Thomas wrote:
> 	I've been trying to get my OSX box to connect to the internet using my
> NetBSD box.  I've read through the documentation in the Basic NetBSD
> Networking, but I'm still not able to connect to the web from OSX.
> 	Here are the three rules for ipnat.conf
> 	# IP Network Address Translation rules
> 	map ppp0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
> 	map ppp0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp 40000:60000
> 	map ppp0 -> 0/32 
> 	I have my NetBSD box listed as the router with OSX.  Its IP is
>  The OSX box IP is  I can ping either box and ssh
> into each box from the other.  On my OSX box, however, I get no route to
> host whenever I try to ping, traceroute, or do anything beyond the NetBSD
> box.  Any hints on what might be wrong?  I'm new to networking so if there
> are any more links out there, let me know.

Do you have ip forwarding turned on?
Check with:
	sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding

If it is set to '0' you need to enable it:
	sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

If this is not the problem, then forward the output of 'netstat -nr' on
your NetBSD box, the output of 'ipnat -l', 'ifconfig -a', and how about
'netstat -nr' on the Mac also?