Subject: Re: Public Testdrive: NetBSD 1.5.2/Alpha
To: Brian A. Seklecki <>
From: Stephen M Jones <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/28/2001 11:01:36
> ...has anyone else played with this machine?  It's a DS10-L w/512 meg
> running a GENERIC kernel.

Dear Brian & group -

The following could be viewed as an advert for a non profit organisation,
but I believe it is totally related to the use and development of NetBSD
on the ALPHA .. 
While this Compaq machine is a 21264, I'd like to make a small
announcement that the SDF public access UNIX system, which has been
around for well over 10 years, has been running on NetBSD on 21164s for about
6 months now.  Its a nonprofit organisation and allows accounts to the public.
There are limited usage of tcp/udp/icmp protocols for pre-validated and
validated accounts with roughly 60mb of diskspace.  Life time members who make
a tax deductible donation have access to their own private server, outbound
connections and roughly 300mb of disk space.  Access is via a multihomed 155mbit
datacentre network connection (100mbit LAN)

There are four 21164 systems to play with.  All are dual processor 
533mhz machines, but of course only one of them supports MP.

'sdf' dual 21164 @533mhz, 1024mb ram, 50gigs, NetBSD-1.5.2
'otaku' dual 21164 @533mhz, 1024mb ram, 100gigs, NetBSD-1.5.2
'droog' dual 21164 @533mhz, 1024mb ram, 50gigs, NetBSD-1.5.2
'bjork' dual 21164 @533mhz, 256mb ram, 18gigs, NetBSD-1.5ZA

You can gain access by telnetting to '' .. after
your account is made, ssh is welcome.