Subject: Re: monitor woes
To: ali \(Anders Lindgren\) <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2001 18:25:37
"ali \(Anders Lindgren\)" <> writes:

> I just got a 13W3<->HD15 adapter listead as "SUN<->VGA"
> adapter. I've since been trying to get my CPD-1790
> monitor to show the picture my gfxboard is producing.

Okay, so you have a video board with a HD15 output, and a monitor with
a 13W3 input.

> I get a nice colour picture, only out of sync and rolling.

I think the problem is with your adapter. It's going the wrong way,
and is intended for usign a VGA (HD15) monitor on a Sun workstation or
other system with a 13W3 output.

The sync problem is what makes me suspicious. The HD15 VGA connector
has separate horizontal and vertical sync. The 13W3 connector has
hsync, vsync, *and* composite sync. Typically, a monitor with a 13W3
input ignores the hsync and vsync and just uses the composite
sync... which your video card isn't generating.

You need a HD15->13W3 widget that can merge the sync signals
together. They exist; I have one and use it to display from a DEC TGA
board (with a VGA connector) to a IBM P70 monitor with a 13W3 input. I
bought it from a company called Ultraspec; the particular adapter I
use is the 1396. 

> Available I have a screenmode editor which lets me edit
> pretty much all aspects of the signal, only I don't know
> jack shit about this stuff. Simply making the HSync and VSync
> frequencies right doesn't work. I can also affect the pixel

        - Nathan