Subject: monitor woes
To: None <>
From: ali \(Anders Lindgren\) <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2001 20:51:52
I just got a 13W3<->HD15 adapter listead as "SUN<->VGA"
adapter. I've since been trying to get my CPD-1790
monitor to show the picture my gfxboard is producing.
I get a nice colour picture, only out of sync and rolling.
Available I have a screenmode editor which lets me edit
pretty much all aspects of the signal, only I don't know
jack shit about this stuff. Simply making the HSync and VSync
frequencies right doesn't work. I can also affect the pixel
clock and -- to some extent -- sync and pulse length. I
can't however find any values for what sync times/pulse length
values this monitor eats (whatever they mean).

Has anyone got any exact data on what kind of signal this
(or I could try my GDM17E10 monitor) monitor expects?

All I an find on the web and from some excerpt of the sun
field engineer handbook is this;

1152x900, 61.8kHz HSync, 66Hz VSync, 92.94MHz
1024X800, 62.0kHz HSync, 77Hz VSync, 84.37MHz

How precise do these values have to be? For example,
I can't adjust synch length and pulse length precisely
(they depend on something else; I can only change them
in steps of 8 or something), so the closest I get when
I limit the pixel clock to 93MHz is

1152x900, 61.8351kHz HSync, 66.0631Hz VSync with a
HSync length of "352" and a pulse length of "120",
Vsync length of "36" and pulse length "28".

Changing pulse length doesn't appear to affect the
frequencies at all, only sync length does.

Anyone know all this stuff? :-)

(For the curious, this is an S3 Virge based CyberVision3D
 gfx-board, tweaked with the AmigaOS utility "CGXMode")