Subject: Re: trouble with ipnat on NetBSD 1.5 (Sparc)
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2001 12:11:30
"Richard G. Roberto" <> wrote:

> I created an empty /etc/ipf.conf file, and an
> /etc/ipnat.conf that looks like this:
> map -> 0/32
> The trouble I'm having is the same trouble I had when I had ipf rules,
> which is, tcp sessions start to work, then stop, and small udp
> comunications are fine (dig works fine through the NAT, for example).

In cas you haven't, read the "IP Filter Based Firewall HOWTO"

It seems to me that you ought to specify the outside interface in the
map-rule, in your case

map le0 -> 0/32

If I leave out the interface and do "/etc/rc.d/ipnat restart", it gives
me an error-message...

> This is on a Sparc4 70Mz machine with 32 MB RAM. I'm using the le0
> device as the outside interface and a qe0 device as the inside
> interface. They both have the same ehternet address, and I can't seem to
> use ifconfig on NetBSD to change that.

As I understand it, you can not change it.  On Sparcs, all ethernet
interfaces do have the same ethernet-address, as they are (as you
suggested) part of different subnets.