Subject: Re: ksh need help!!!
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/20/2001 09:38:05
> >> All commercial systems which come with ksh normally use System V
> >> semantics...
> >
> >Yes - is netbsd actually broken here?
> I remember someone quoting something like, "BSD, like Buddha having
> the Buddha nature, has the BSD nature", that is, if you find systems
> today which use the BSD style of doing things instead of System V,
> you'll probably find them in the *BSD universe.

So which camp is which foot of solaris in?

However NetBSD is broken, from the SUS (

string A string to be written to standard output. If any operand is -n, it
       will be treated as a string, not an option. The following character
       sequences will be recognised within any of the arguments: 
\a     Write an alert character. 
\b     Write a backspace character. 
\c     Suppress the newline character that otherwise follows the final
       argument in the output. All characters following the \c in the
       arguments will be ignored. 
\f     Write a form-feed character. 
\n     Write a newline character. 
\r     Write a carriage-return character. 
\t     Write a tab character. 
\v     Write a vertical-tab character. 
\\     Write a backslash character. 
\0num  Write an 8-bit value that is the zero-, one-, two- or three-digit
       octal number num.