Subject: Re: updating packages
To: Martin Weber <>
From: Ian Cooper <ian@WPI.EDU>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/14/2001 10:31:11
> > Ideally, you shouldn't get any compilation errors unless there is a
> > typo or something in the dependency list, or you have a version
> > mismatch or something.  Right?  You can always do "make -k blah" to
> > compile and ignore unimportant errors like errors in installing
> > documentation, right?
> Ideally pkgsrc is always 'in sync' i.e. no package updates were added
> before the cvs update. I mean I can update pkgsrc in the middle of a
> big bunch of updates to pkgsrc, and then my pkgsrc is inconsistent.

I generally download the pkgsrc tree tarballs, because cvs update on
pkgsrc takes forever on a P2-233. :)

Ian Cooper

 KJm,mzmWEzEiJbEr" --ian