Subject: Machine locks up while running X -probeonly
To: NetBSD-User <>
From: Ian P. Thomas Ipt <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/12/2001 21:11:55
	After installing xsrc.tgz for 1.4.3 in the following manner,

cd /usr/X11R6
gzip -dc xsrc.tgz | tar xvf -
cd xsrc
make build

	I went ahead and ran xf86config to create my XF86Config file.  The
program worked fine and installed a config file in /etc.  I then went to

X -probeonly

	to make sure the config was o.k.  The usual info went down the screen.
The last thing shown on the screen was initialization of Font paths, for a
second or so I was able to switch to another virtual terminal, but then the
machine locked.  Ctrl+Alt+Bkspc, Ctrl-C didn't do a thing.  I was forced to
do a hard boot.  I was able to see an error on the console (the first
virtual terminal) before the machine locked up.  I didn't have time to copy
it verbatim, but here is the gist,

usl_sync check failed

	I'm using the SVGA server with an S3 card that is not listed in the
card database.  I wasn't expecting it to run without a hitch, but I thought
that X -probeonly would be a safe way to find out.  I guess not.
	Should I have put xsrc in /usr/src and ran the make build, and do you
think it would have made a difference?  I have a core file from this
lockup, should I send to the maintainer of X for netbsd or straight to
XFree?  I would try and troubleshoot it myself but I don't know what
program to use to view core files.


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