Subject: Re: emacs package
To: Wayne Cuddy <>
From: Wiz <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/12/2001 17:49:12
In article <> Wayne Cuddy wrote:
> On my one of my non-X boxes I installed the emacs package from the CD using
> pkg_add.  After installing it, it would not start because it was compiled with
> X windows support.  The package did not list anything in the requires section
> and did not attempt to install any dependencies.  How do I find out if this
> has been fixed and if not report it to the maintainer?

The binary packages get built with default values for variables (from In the case of emacs, this includes X support.

If you want to have a non-X emacs, you'll have to build it yourself,
in your /etc/mk.conf set.

It seems pkg_add doesn't check the dependency on X, currently.


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