Subject: New problem: parity errors when write-back cache is enabled
To: None <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/11/2001 12:35:54

	I've described my RAID-5 setup in a previous email.  Someone kindly
directed me to check whether write-back caching was enabled on my disks.
A look at the SCSI BIOS settings (on my AIC-7899) showed that they may not
have been (N/C was set), so I changed the settings to "Yes" for each of my
SCSI drives.  Upon reboot with my NetBSD-1.5.3_ALPHA kernel, I get the
following error:

scsicbus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
ahc0: target 0 using 16bit transfers
ahc0: target 0 synchronous at 40.0MHz, offset = 0x3f
probe(ahc0:0:0): parity error detected in Data-in phase. SEQADDR(0x166) SCSIRATE(0x0)

I looked at sys/dev/ic/aic7xxx.c but didn't understand what was going on.
Can someone please tell me what's the problem, and to solve it?


	-- Johnny Lam <>