Subject: CD-Audio filesystem idea
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/09/2001 13:36:18

i just got a nice hint for reading CD audio data on IRIX. And it is that neat,
that i would like to see this in NetBSD also. Here is the "mount" of an
audio CD in IRIX:

/dev/scsi/sc1d4l0 on /CDROM2 type cdda (ro,nosuid)

The filesystem cdda maps all audio-tracks to AIFF audio files in this
filesystem, and add an info-file, which might be some old cddb-format or so.
The info file contains entries like:

track16.start: 61:28:12
track16.duration: 03:08:38

I think it should be possible to create such a filesystem driver in NetBSD
also. I never looked too much into this category of kernel programming, so i
wanted to ask here, before i do work, someone else is already working on.

We can't just read the usual data blocks, reading audio data needs different
commands to the devices. I don't have a clue of this for IDE drives, in SCSI
it is not that big problem. So the first step is to find out, if we can read
the blocks and the TOC of the disc by using ioctl's to the device driver, or
if we need to hook a bit deeper, not /dev/cd0a but /dev/scsibus0 or so.

Any hints/comments? Maybe i find the time to start such a thingie. Would be
a nice-to-have feature.


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