Subject: Re: offtopic: X-terminal&sound
To: Wojciech Puchar <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/2001 13:05:34
[ On Saturday, December 8, 2001 at 14:26:31 (+0100), Wojciech Puchar wrote: ]
> Subject: offtopic: X-terminal&sound
> i wan't to make few Xterminals from 486's with good gfx.
> but.. is there any mechanism of supporting sound remotely (assuming netbsd
> supported soundcard) on that X terminal

(This is getting to be a FAQ it seems!  ;-)

As Fredrick said, nasd, which is of course available in pkgsrc as
audio/nas.  You need to install it on both the servers, and the
'Xterminals' as it works exactly like X11, with a "server" running on
the workstation, and "clients" that you run from anywhere else to
communicate with the server running directly on your workstation.

For my NCD-HMX, which has native NAS support, I've adapted audio/mpg123
to have a "-nas" variant (it has native NAS support, but compling it in
is "permanent" -- i.e. you can't build a do-it-all version that does NAS
and normal /dev/audio stuff).

You can still use other non-NAS-enabled tools though, such as ogg123, if
they can produce AU or similar output on stdout:  "ogg123 -v -d au -f -
somefile.ogg | auplay"

A NAS plugin is available for xmms, and it works reasonably well, though
since it's also a heavy X11 graphics user, running it on a remote host
places heavy demands on your X11 server and your network interface.  I
find that it's just barely able to keep up with its native timer display
and little analyzer window running at 25fps on a 10baseT ethernet switch
port (with the server at 100baseTX/fdx on the switch).  Some of the
other visualisation plugins work, but lag visibly behind the audio.
That's with an NCD-HMX terminal too (which may be more powerful than
your 486's).

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