Subject: Re: Problems installing KDElibs2 package from source
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/2001 13:18:52
>I've seen several other users report this error.  I'm at a loss to explain
>what's going on, as I can't reproduce this on my system, which uses the
>same toolchain as 1.5.2.  I've just successfully built kdelibs-2.2.2 from
>the very latest pkgsrc.  Libxslt (where the error you're reporting above
>occurs) has been factored into a separate package, textproc/libxslt.  Could
>you please try building libxslt and kdelibs2 from the latest pkgsrc?  If it
>still fails for you, please submit a PR with this problem.

Well I downloaded and unpacked the latest pkgsrc.tar.gz I could find (dated 
December 1) on the ftp site last night and it compiled kdelibs-2.2.1 fine this 
morning. The rest of kde-2.2.1 seems to be going fine and should hopefully have 
finished error free when I get home from work.

I assume that what I have is not the latest pkgsrc, but it'll do for now. I had 
problems trying to get sup to work, but hopefully I should manage to figure 
that out. Either way if this does work I'll probably wait for kde3 rather than 
upgrade to 2.2.2.

Is libxslt a package? I saw a reference to it on at but couldn't find 
it anywhere. I couldn't see it in textproc or even in the list of all packages 
in either the pkgsrc I've currently got or the one I had before (November 17). 
And it doesn't come up under the dependencies for kdelibs2 in the README file.