Subject: Re: itanium port
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/06/2001 14:26:04
On 06.12.01, 07:51:26, Ian Cooper wrote:
> > > I'm basically sick of Intel and their nefarious dealings with
> > > Microsoft.
> >
> > AMD look even more like "designed for windoze" than intel
> ... except that Microsoft does not ship a Windows XP "optimized for
> Athlon", only a "With P4 Optimizations" version.  AMD is being nice to
> embedded linux (and hence potentially *BSD) with their E86 embedded
> processor.

Only that AMD has a large page about how well Microsoft co-operated to
ensure that Windows XP works well on Athlon XP, and why Athlon XP is
best for Windows XP, and the page features a large "Designed for
Microsoft Windows XP"-Logo.

.. and generally making a big deal of how great Windows XP
is. (Because it is so resource-hungry that it requires the latest,
fastest CPU?),,30_118_3783,00.html

On the Intel pages, Windwos is not even mentioned on the front page,
whereas AMD offers their Flash Demo to "[...] help you unlock your
Windows XP computing experience."

And as to special Athlon optimizations, maybe Athlon runs existing
code just fine, whereas the P4 _needs_ specially optimized code to
take full advantage of its features.

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