Subject: Re: FreeMail with NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Christoph Kaegi <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/03/2001 11:18:10
On 2001.12.01 18:05, Tobias Schuepp wrote:
> i want to set up a FreeMail Service based on NetBSD. The requirements
> are:
>         * up to 4000 Mailboxes
>         * IMAP Support
>         * Webinterface
>         * (strong) crypto
>         * virus filter software
>         * fast and stable
> Does anyone know what software to use and what server hardware to
> set up the system? Does anyone has any experience with it?

I am using neomail as a Webinterface to the local Mailboxes 
( I like it very much. Has several
languages for the userinterface and you don't even need pop3 or imap.

But it needs perl with suidperl, which means, you'll have to compile 
perl for yourself, because the perl package doesn't include suidperl.

I have apache as a webserver. This and OpenSSL will also enable you to make your
Site accessible via SSL.

No Virus protection at the moment, but look at amavis 
(/usr/pkgsrc/security/amavis if you have the pkgsrc system installed)

On the hardware side, i support the statements others have made, about
using enough RAM, fast harddisks and raid, as I/O will likely be your 
primary bottleneck. The NetBSD Buffer Cache can do wonders!



Christoph Kaegi