Subject: Re: Upgrading from 1.4 using patches
To: Ian P. Thomas <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/03/2001 01:38:46
On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 06:52:24PM -0500, Ian P. Thomas wrote:
> 	I went ahead and applied the following two patches to get to 1.4.2
> before getting this email,
> diff-1.4.1-to-1.4.2.gz
> lfs-vs-netboot.diff

I wouldn't have applied lfs-vs-netboot.diff, I suspect this will cause
problems when applying the 1.4.3 patch.

> 	I applied them in reverse order of what I have listed.  After applying
> the second patch, diff-*, it could not find three files and prompted me for
> there names,
> src-1.4.1/domestic/usr.bin/kinit/kinit.c
> src-1.4.1/domestic/usr.bin/su/Makefile
> src-1.4.1/domestic/usr.bin/telnet/externs.h
> 	I don't have a /usr/src/domestic directory so I'm pretty sure these
> patches don't apply to my setup.  I did get the following build error,
> though,
> yacc ns_parse.y
> yacc e -line 0 of "ns_parse.y", unexpected end-of-line
> 	The file in question is 
> /usr/src/dist/bind/bin/named/ns_parse.y
> 	Should I go ahead and apply the 1.4.3 patch and hope it gets rid of
> this problem?  

Check in /usr/src/dist/bind/bin/named if there's any *.rej file. If so this
means one of the patch failed.
Maybe you can just get this via ftp from

Manuel Bouyer <>