Subject: Re:
To: Wojciech Puchar , <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/02/2001 03:19:09
(As a suggestion, please don't make the understanding of your message
dependant upon reading the subject line.  Many people, including myself,
at most scan message subjects to see if the message is worth reading---by
the time we get to the body of the message, the subject is already
forgotten.  So saying, ``in what package in pkgsrc is that'', where
``that'' refers to something in the subject, is unkind.  Just a

As for (I think that should be with libGL.a,
and other variations):

This is an OpenGL(-compatible) library.  In pkgsrc, Mesa provides this.
(In fact, Mesa also provides this in XFree86 v4.x.  More information about
that is kind of an aside, though...)

To install from pkgsrc, simply do the following, with suitable

  cd /usr/pkgsrc/graphics/Mesa && make update

...then go take a break while the computer works.  (^&

As I recall, the XFree86 Mesa provided just the libGL stuff, though; in
response to that, the Mesa package in pkgsrc was split into several parts
(for GLU and GLUT).  If you installed packages from pkgsrc that used Mesa,
on top of XFree86 4.x, then uncerimoniously yanked XFree86 4.x to put in may have disturbed your package system a bit.  (You might have
to force some updates/installs to get everything working nicely again...)

(Hm.  I have a question for people using XFree86 4.x: Can you fruitfully
update Mesa from pkgsrc, if new versions become available?  Or do you need
to update Mesa via XFree86?)

  ``I probably don't know what I'm talking about.''