Subject: Re: FreeMail with NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/02/2001 00:23:40

On 1 Dec 2001, at 23:51, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> No, at last this doesn't happen with IMAP. You have the exactly the
> same mailbox list any imap-capable MUA, including the webmail
> interface. By default MUA I know won't move mails around, unless
> explicitely asked.

I know that. The users do not (or at least some). Comming from the MS 
world they associate a MUA (or even only Outlook) with "the internet 
mailsystem". They do not realise that when they move mails with one 
application, that will result in a moved message with another app. It 
is not a technical problem but the users.

Given the described environment I guess he will not have many shell 
accounts. I would suggest using qmail virtual useres, it works well 
with courier-imap and/or several webmail packages. What kind of 
machine is recommended for 4000 useres is something I cannot say. A 
celeron 400 with 64MB ram and an ata disk is enough to serve about 
400 (e-mail) users connected with a 700kBit dedicated line (I have no 
data about total transfer volume, this machine as mail, web and dns 
server has a total monthly transfervolume of about 5GB that is about 
7MB per hour).

It was more important to know how much data was to go through this 
server, what traffic was expected for the different services, etc.