Subject: Re: Upgrading from 1.4 using patches
To: Ian Patrick Thomas <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/01/2001 00:22:39
On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 03:06:20AM -0500, Ian Patrick Thomas wrote:
> 	I have installed all the source packages and have also went and downloaded the changelogs
> from 1.4-1.4.1 1.4.1-1.4.2 and 1.4.2-1.4.3.  I have diff files that appear to be what I need to
> upgrade to 1.4.3.  I have tried applying the 1.4-1.4.1 patch in /usr/src and it bails.  I would
> give more info, but I'm writing this from my GNU/Linux partition.  Is there some documentation on
> how to upgrade piecemeal?  I've done FreeBSD upgrades using CVSup, does NetBSD do something
> similar?  I'd really like to get up to 1.4.3 for a few reasons, the most important being the bug
> fixes.  Also I'm not able to install the Mutt package in 1.4.  I'll copy down the make errors and
> post them in a seperate message.  I was hoping the upgrade to 1.4.3 would fix the problem.

Is there a particular reason you want to upgrade incrementally,
instead of simply grabbing the 1.4.3 binary tarballs? That would make
the upgrade a lot less work.

If you really do want to do each step by recompiling, you might be able
to compile a 1.4.3 source set directly on a 1.4 box, with a bit of
manual intervention... otherwise you'll be waiting for a lot of compiles
if you do 1.4->1.4.1->1.4.2->1.4.3 - unless you really want to do it
just for the experience.

You could use anoncvs to checkout the source tree as tagged for a
particular release. Personally, I would do that instead of applying
patch sets.

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