Subject: Re: GPRS PCMCIA
To: Antti Kantee <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/27/2001 06:44:38
Antti Kantee <>  wrote:
 > Has anyone yet managed to acquire a device described above? If I were to
 > aquire one, what would the theoretical possibility of it working with
 > NetBSD?

I have one.  I have a field trial of the Novatel Wireless card.  Unfortunately,
GPRS service near my house is sporadic so I only get to work with it when
I'm away from my house, so I've been playing with it on my Jornada running
NetBSD.  It's just simple PPP with a chatscript to get things going.

The interface appears as a standard 16550 pcmcia com port to which you issue
'AT' commands to configure and initialize the card.  Once initialized, it
issues LCP conf packets and you just start PPP on it.  Authentication with
the GPRS service is via CHAP (at least here, it is).

 > I'm finding it very difficult to locate on the web any information on
 > running these things, so I was hoping someone here would have experience
 > with them.

I can't get you any detailed or long term performance data since I haven't
been using it all that long.  Novatel Wireless makes good hardware so I
can recommend their stuff (my only affiliation is that I occasionally do
work for them).