Subject: Re: ntp problems
To: Rob Quinn <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/22/2001 20:49:07
>  I had some similar complaints a few months ago, and at that time someone
> authoritative (can't remember who) said they felt it was due to missed
> interrupts.  You can probably find their reply in the archives.

I think I saw the discussion, but I don't think this can be because of lost
interrupts.. or if it is, something must be broken somewhere.

>  My x86 laptop isn't as bad as my old SS5. On the sparc you could tell what
> hours I worked each day just by looking at the syslogs - the clock only slipped
> when I was logged in and keeping the CPU/disks busy.


>  With that in mind, I would suggest finding an idle machine.

Well, this router is very lightly loaded, it only serves three people (it
connects ADSL, modem/PPP and Ethernet together - ADSL runs at 256 kbps at
most, so the machine really doesn't have much work to do.  Should not be
too much for a 233 MHz pentium with 128 MB of RAM.

I have another router at the other end of the ADSL connection.  It sits on
a 768 kbps net, routes packets between three Ethernets and 20-30 users plus
several virtual WWW servers, a news server etc - much more load and the
machine is a slower one (100 MHz, 32 MB).  Still, NTP works 100% well on it.

If it's a lost interrupt problem, then one of the drivers that I'm using
on this problematic router must be broken.

I'll Cc: back to the mailing list..