Subject: Re: WLAN recommendations?
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/17/2001 08:49:27

I do not have much information or tested it. Some time ago an 
article in a german computer magazine indicated, that several cards 
do not go well together with several base stations (where at least 
some of them had another PCcard inside). Some combinations did 
not work together at all. The transferspeeds ranged from 
288KByte/s to 669KByte/s without WEP  and from 227KByte/s
to 638Kbyte/s with WEP.

The best scores came from the combination of a Siemens 
accesspoint and a Samsung PCcard, the worst scores from a 
Lucent/Avaya AP-1000 and a Cisco PC-card. The overall best 
scores for an accesspoint came frome the Cisco (with a CPU its 
WEP scores are only slightly below the scores without WEP) and 
an ELSA being second (both could communicate with all cards with 
and without WEP). For the cards it looks like the Lucent/Avaya 
cards would be a good performer and had problems with only the 
Samsung accesspoint (like all but two cards had).