Subject: RE: Problems with Accton N2242 (I believe that's the model number)
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Tom Gottheil <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/14/2001 16:49:42
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> Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 8:49 AM
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> Subject: Re: Problems with Accton N2242 (I believe that's the model
> number)
> On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Tom Gottheil wrote:
> > I installed NetBSD on my laptop with a boot floppy and ftp
> install, and it
> > worked perfectly detecting my MiniPCI Accton NIC as tlp0 and
> configuring it
> > with DHCP.  However, when I rebooted, the card was not found.
> I don't know
> > if the driver was even configured in the generic kernel,
> because the install
> > procedure does not install the kernel sources by default.
> That's very odd, as the INSTALL kernel has always less than the
> GENERIC kernel. Maybe another driver is messing up the card before the
> tlp driver gets to it. You can browse the sources online, by the way,
> at <>, and mirrors.
> > For the same
> > reason, I cannot configure anything new without downloading the kernel
> > sources via the integrated NIC (sort of an infinite loop).  Is the tlp
> > driver configured by default, and if so, why is it not working?
> Well, yes it is, but if it's not working for whatever reason, you
> could boot from the INSTALL kernel, but using the installed binaries,
> rather than the ramdisk. Catch the booter while it's counting down,
> and at the boot prompt ('> '), type "boot fd0a:netbsd -a". When
> prompted for the location of the root file system and swap, give
> "wd0a" and "wd0b", respectively.
> > Also, the
> > same is true of my 3com 3c3FEM656 Cardbus NIC, it is not detected at all
> > (I'm not sure if it is supported anyway).
> That one doesn't seem to be supported. The INSTALL and GENERIC kernels
> don't do Cardbus anyway. For a laptop, you normally want to use the
> bootlap.* floppies, which are built from INSTALL_LAPTOP, and which
> install kern-laptop.tgz, which is built from GENERIC_LAPTOP. That may
> not make a difference in this case, unless you have a different card
> to try, but when you do build your custom kernel, you'll want to base
> it on GENERIC_LAPTOP, so that the Cardbus is supported.
> Is this an HP Pavillion laptop? For that, I found the MiniPC Accton
> NIC didn't work with the bootlap.* floppies, but it did work with the
> kern-laptop.tgz kernel. Something fishy is going on here! It's not
> convenient for me to explore this -- it's my son's laptop -- but once
> you're able to build kernels, you may be able to narrow down to
> exactly one feature in GENERIC that's causing the problem.
> Frederick
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Hrmmmm.... I was using the bootlap floppies for the install, and the
integrated NIC worked, but the laptop kernel broke it... very confusing...
I'll use the weekend to hack aorund a bit and try to figure this out.  BTW,
this is an HP Pavilion N5430.

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