Subject: Partition table fixed.
To: Thomas Mueller <>
From: Gerald Heinig <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2001 23:22:26
Thomas Mueller wrote:
> >The classic dumb user scenario: messed about on Solaris x86 wanting to
> >add another partition, didn't think properly and trashed the partition
> >table on my IDE drive (the rest is SCSI). Into Nirvana went my NetBSD
> >partition with, you guessed it, stuff that I need for which I don't have
> >a back-up. <sigh>
> >My question is: how do I resurrect my partition table? If the worst
> >really comes to the worst, I can use dd to fish out various disk blocks
> >which I know have stuff in them that I need. I haven't actually lost
> >very much: only about 5 or 10 files which aren't very big, but there's a
> >lot of know-how that's in them and it would really hurt to lose them.
> >Any ideas _much_ appreciated!
> >Thanks
> >Gerald

Hi guys,

I've managed to locate the NetBSD slice with all the partitions and I've
got all my data back.
First off, a great big THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Tim, Ian, Fred, Giles and
Thomas for your prompt and useful replies. You guys have saved me from
at least 3 weeks of rebuilding my cross-development environment.
I'd also like to say I'm impressed both with the number of replies and
their quality. I'd get the same number on a Solaris newsgroup, except
that Solaris has more than 2 orders of magnitude more users than NetBSD.
Very cool, keep up the good work :-)

Thanks again