Subject: Re: Partition table on x86 trashed. Any ideas?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Mueller <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2001 04:05:18
>The classic dumb user scenario: messed about on Solaris x86 wanting to
>add another partition, didn't think properly and trashed the partition
>table on my IDE drive (the rest is SCSI). Into Nirvana went my NetBSD
>partition with, you guessed it, stuff that I need for which I don't have
>a back-up. <sigh>

>My question is: how do I resurrect my partition table? If the worst
>really comes to the worst, I can use dd to fish out various disk blocks
>which I know have stuff in them that I need. I haven't actually lost
>very much: only about 5 or 10 files which aren't very big, but there's a
>lot of know-how that's in them and it would really hurt to lose them.

>Any ideas _much_ appreciated!



If you remember or have a record of where the partitions were, you might be able
to run fdisk and partition the IDE drive as it was previously partitioned.  I
once did that successfully, using Linux fdisk.  I've never used NetBSD fdisk so
far.  DOS partition and Linux partition mounted successfully, and the data was
still there intact.  But that might not work if the data were overwritten.