Subject: mplayer works on NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Tomasz Luchowski <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/15/2001 02:52:33

Thanks to Sergey Svishchev <> mplayer now works on NetBSD.

mplayer is multimedia files player, which can play DivX ;-), MPEG (with sound!)
and other multimedia files.

The package is being worked on; if you want to try it out,
go to --  you can download a binary package,
or get pkgsrc tarball and compile it yourself. Note: if you want to compile it
from source you'll need version 2.11 of /usr/bin/as (the gas we have in our tree
is too old and won't result in successful compilation). If you're tracking -current
and have USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN set, you should have the right version of gas.
Else grab the "as.bz2" file I provide on the website, unextract it and move to /usr/bin/as.
2.9.1 is the "wrong", and and 2.11 is the right version of gas.

If you decided to use binary package, pkg_add it with option "-f", so it will ignore all
dependencies. The problem with deps may occur because I made the package on system with Mesa-glx installed,
when most people use Mesa.

Make sure you *always* use command-line switch "-ao netbsd". Else if will work terribly slow.

Generally it has the same purpose as avifile/apla. Sometimes it's better and faster,
sometimes apla wins.

/* Tomasz Luchowski <> */