Subject: Re: MPEG 4 players
To: Kevin Sindhu <>
From: Oleg Polianski <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/14/2001 13:10:54
Kevin Sindhu <> writes:

> Mplayer does not work with NetBSD. Its riddled with #ifdefs, and the code's
> pretty ugly the last time I checked. However, they do have new support for

 Well, actually it does work.  It's pretty easy to get it compiled, it works
 just fine except for a couple of things like using of xvideo/dga extensions
 in XFree86 4.x series and, of course, video CD stuff does not work. I'm
 currently trying to understand what is wrong with xvideo/dga and probably
 will think about vcd.