Subject: Re: Houston, anyone?
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/12/2001 17:53:27
Richard Rauch writes:
- > - > I think that NetBSD-ers in Texas are scarce.
- > -
- > - Oh, 'eck, chief.  It seems to be the case.  (Now, for the
- > - fluff question of the week: Is this scarcity more because
- > - NetBSD users avoid Texas, or is it because Texas users avoid
- > - NetBSD?)
- >
- > 	I don't know about either case..  I've been doing quiet
- > evangelism for NetBSD in the Dallas region for years..
- Quiet evangelism? I detect an oxymoron this way lurking?  (^&

	Perhaps.. But there's no point in screaming my head off
if no-one is going to listen..   :-)

- I think that I've heard from at least two people in Dallas.
- Maybe I should have stopped for lunch when I was driving through
- in June.  A 50% growth rate per month would have looked impressive...

	Well, I know several others in the area.. And I've tried
to do my part by increasing the numbers.. Frequently by giving
folks hardware to play with that only NetBSD will run on.. (like
HP 9000/425s, etc..)

- I suddenly crave a bumper sticker with that dear old NetBSD
- slogan: ``Used by hundreds of people worldwide!''
- > 	There is an awful log of Texas, and a lot of that is
- > pretty barren!
- Probably because they chopped down all of the awful logs.  Strange
- thing, though, I didn't know that they had any kind of timber
- industry down here.
- (duck)

	Actually, just northeast of you is a tremendous timber
industry...  Not that I'm related to it in any way, but I
thought you out to know..  And the duck hunting is supposed to
be good too.. :-)

- Okay, I guess that I might as well go email Mason and ask for a
- Houston regional list to be created.  At worst, I will end up
- talking to myself once a week.  That sounds pretty'll
- keep me off of the streets, too.

	In Dallas, many of the UNIX old timers hang out on a
list known as lunch-bunch...  It's been around for some 15
years, and we've got all sorts listening in and playing.  Many
of the staffers of the large ISP's listen in (mostly because
they were doing connectivity before the masses had even heard of
the internet..)

	For more details on the lunch-bunch list, drop me a line

Eric Schnoebelen
    At Group L, Stoffel oversees six first-rate programmers, a managerial 
		challenge roughly comparable to herding cats.
					  -- Washington Post Magazine,6/9/85