Subject: IPNAT Very Slow
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: Rob Gridley <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/10/2001 10:04:40
I recently setup a computer to do IPNAT and replace and old Netopia router =
was using. I am finding it to be very slow. Much slower than the Netopia
router. I configured everything according to the IPNAT section in the NetBS=
Manual and recompiled the kernel with IPNAT support.

The machine is a PowerPC 604e @ 200MHz, 128MB RAM, 2GB SCSI HD, two Asant=E9
10/100t ethernet cards running NetBSD 1.5.1.

Here's what my IPNAT.conf looks like...
map de0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map de0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp 40000:60000
map de0 -> 0/32

Both ethernet cards are connected to 100t switches. One internally and one
externally. I am only able to get 200-500kB/sec through the IPNAT machine. =
used to get about 900kB/sec through the Netopia router and it was only 10t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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