Subject: /usr/pkg + /var/mail + /home over NFS?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/06/2001 11:15:26

I have two different architectures running at home (i386+sparc)
totalling 4 systems.

Anyone got any thoughts of mounting this (per arch) from an NFS
server so that the network would look like this:-

server(i386 - note export is the raid volume):-
     exports:  /export/pkg.i386
     s-links:  /usr/pkg -> /export/pkg.i386
               /usr/ports -> /export/ports
               /var/mail -> /export/mail
               /home -> /export/home

     import:-  /usr/pkg -> server:/export/pkg.sparc
               /usr/ports -> server:/export/ports
               /var/mail -> server:/mail
               /home -> server:/home

     import:-  /usr/pkg -> server:/export/pkg.i386
               /usr/ports -> server:/export/ports
               /var/mail -> server:/mail
               /home -> server:/home

I'd build ports from the client systems and am hoping this
should give me a bit of consistency across the network.
The whole thing is running NIS on the server and clients

Are there any problems with /var/mail over NFS? (I heard
something about that somewhere).

- Chris.