Subject: Re: Is it possible to disable the boot prompt?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/03/2001 20:45:47

On 3 Aug 2001, at 20:10, Martin Weber wrote:

> Isn't there a "cleaner" software-option-activated way to do it ? I
> don't see why I should remove my floppy drive from my computer just so
> nobody can boot off it, if there was a way to simply skip the menu ! I
> mean that somehow ignorant ;>

I have not done this for some time, but I remember it was allways 
possible to override Bios passwords with default values on x86.  I 
think if someone spends the energy to create a boot floppy, this 
person will also spend it to do some research for the "emergency" 
password. You might also consider a "floppy lock" (Kingston or 
Kensington had such) a device that is a hardware lock for the 
floppy, but I think to remember it was not too hard to unallowed 
unlock it with a paperclip.