Subject: Re: kernel compile, mlx and other stuff
To: Emre Yildirim <>
From: Andrew Doran <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/27/2001 02:54:32
Emre Yildirim <> wrote:

> I fixed the compile problem by getting the -current kernel source tarball. 
> I compile it andeverything seems to work fine.  The problem is (or is
> it?), I am running a 1.5X kernel with1.5.1 userland.  The system hasn't
> crashed yet or anything but, I get weird outputs:

In this situation you're bound to get strange output from anything that
grovels in the kernel (e.g., netstat), because kernel data structures change
over time. This is limited to a small number of tools, but on the whole I
can only wish you luck.

> With this one I can make use of my 100GB RAID array (mlx), but if I go
> back to using 1.5.1 kernel sources, I get:
> # config SOCRATES
> SOCRATES:510: mlx*: unknown device `mlx'
> SOCRATES:511: ld*: unknown device `ld'
> *** Stop.

The netbsd-1-5 branch doesn't contain either of those drivers, simply
because a lot changed and it'd be quite time consuming to back-port it all.

> And I have to use RAID.  I looked for mlx patches on the FTP but couldn't
> find any.  I could recompile the whole system from scratch, but I know
> from experience that it would probably fail, because I never got NetBSD to
> compile from scratch.
> So what would be the best solution to this?

If what you're doing works OK for you, stick with that for the time being.

When I actually have access to a machine with PCI again I'll back-port all
of this stuff - maybe a month or so.