Subject: Re: VPN with WIndows client and BSD server
To: None <>
From: Stein B. Sylvarnes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/26/2001 22:24:30
At 13:14 25.07.01, Samuel Lellouche wrote:
>I was wandering if anyone knows a Windows (9x/2000) client that can
>"speak" Standard IPsec,
>and would be able to VPN with a NetBSD or an OpenBSD ?

No, sorry. But I have another suggestion:
You might be able to set up an pptp-server on your open/netbsd server. I 
haven't checked the ports/packages, but I think it is available on both 
platforms. I _know_ it works on FreeBSD and Linux, though. The server is 
called PoPToP, I think. I am connected 24x7 to a FreeBSD server running 
pptp from my OpenBSD box. Connecting from Win 95/98/2000 is also easy, I think.

>Thanx Alot.
>Samuel Lellouche - Omatis
>Expert Systèmes, réseaux et securité
>Tel: 01 53 14 59 14 / 01 53 14 59 31

Stein B. Sylvarnes