Subject: Re: CPAN
To: None <>
From: Emre Yildirim <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/21/2001 21:52:17
> Hmm. Wouldn't you get into all sorts of problems? "All" CPAN modules would seem to
> be impossible, given that some may conflict with each other in obscure ways, and
> some may be tied to particular architectures and/or depend on other software.

Probably, I really just need the ones that are the most current ones (i.e. there
severalversions of one module)

> However, given that the CPAN module is scriptable (in Perl ;-) a possible solution
> would be to look hard at the docs, and write a suitable script to build and
> install everything. You might want to do this with a local mirror of the CPAN
> files, perhaps from a CD. Asking in the Perl community might get you further,
> perhaps someone already has a script for doing this, or at least something
> similar.

I should do that, I just thought there was some easy and very obvious way to do it.
Guess not.

> I must confess I am quite curious: what do you _need_ ALL those modules for?

I have a couple of people that want to do advanced perl development, and I really don't
want to install a module one by one (or have them install them for that matter).  I
haveabout 200GB space available on a fast 1.4Ghz Athlon box, and a dedicated 100bT link to
the internet, so resources would not be a problem.  So I thought I'd just install the

Thanks for the help, I'm going to read up on someman pages now.