Subject: Re: PDF/PS
To: Todd Gruhn's account <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/20/2001 09:41:03
On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Todd Gruhn's account wrote:

> Jeremy Reed said he does it all the time, and views the PDF with ghostscript.
> SO, I use ps2pdf to convert my ps to pdf. I then viewed it with gv using
> the following command:
> gv cresume.pdf
> It worked! But this raises a new Q: Why does this file work with gs but not
> xpdf? Do I need to specify xresources...?

Using the standard teTeX setup from pkgsrc I do the following:

dan@localhost% dvips -o memo

dan@localhost% grep DVIPSBitmapFont 
%DVIPSBitmapFont: Fa cmti10 10.95 17

its these bitmapped dvips fonts which cause you problems when converting
to PDF.  So, the way around this is to install the fonts/bakoma-fonts
package (which I will commit shortly and will then be available in a day
or so).  Then do either:

a)  make a ~/.dvipsrc file


b)  make a config.bakoma file in your latex directory

in that file (which ever you choose), add the line:

p +/usr/pkg/share/tex-contrib/BaKoMa/

Now when you run dvips do the following:

if you used option b) above,

dan@localhost% dvips -j0 -P bakoma -o memo

or if you used option a)

dan@localhost% dvips -j0  -o memo

you will note several output lines like:


indicating that the new type-1 postscript fonts are being used.

Also note that

dan@localhost% grep DVIPSBitmapFont

doesn't show any bitmapped fonts :)

Now when you convert to pdf with ps2pdf, you should be happy with the