Subject: Re: PDF/PS
To: None <>
From: Louis <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/19/2001 09:57:42
--- Todd Gruhn <> wrote:
> How does one produce PDF docs?
> I can extract stuff out of PDF, but when I convert
> PS->PDF I get a mess of dots on the screen --
> I used ghostscripts ps2pdf script...
>                                       Todd Gruhn

Do you want to create a pdf file from scratch or to
convert another file into a pdf ?
If you want to create a pdf file, you can use latex to
compile your .tex file into a .dvi file.
Then, you just have to convert the dvi into a pdf with
Otherwise there are plenty of *2pdf tools that work
_most_ of the time.

hope that helps


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