Subject: RE: ipf counting and rrdtool
To: Gwilym Evans <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/12/2001 18:01:33
[ On Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 16:12:06 (+1000), Gwilym Evans wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: ipf counting and rrdtool
> > 	/etc/rc.d/ipfilter reload; ipfstat -aio | ipaccumulate
> I'm actually doing something similar to this already, except for the
> accumulation bit. I _was_ going to add the rrd setup to the beginning of
> this, but after some thinking and advice I'll stay clear of rrd in favour of
> writing a custom script, time to learn pearl I guess :)

You might want to look at Ruby, Python, or even just plain /bin/sh & nawk

I'd avoid gawk and mawk as they both corrupt large integers into floats,
and you're likely going to have to deal with large integers here!

	$ nawk 'END {print 4294967296 + 4294967296}' < /dev/null
	$ gawk 'END {print 4294967296 + 4294967296}' < /dev/null
	$ mawk 'END {print 4294967296 + 4294967296}' < /dev/null 

Which you choose should be dictated by whatever previous programming
experience you have.  If you don't already know and like perl I'd avoid
it like the plague if I were you!  ;-)  Personally I'd choose ruby if I
didn't think sh+awk would be simple enough....

							Greg A. Woods

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