Subject: Best Power UPS' (was: UPS to use with NetBSD?)
To: None <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/11/2001 17:32:58
John Darrow writes:
- Brook Milligan <> wrote:
- >   I'm very happy with Best Power's (Micro-)FerrUPS units.  They have a
- >   very nice RS-232 interface, even on their older models.  My old (1992)
- >
- >Are there public documents on the RS-232 communications protocol that
- >can be used to control them (or other Best Power products)?  If so,
- >where are they?
- Someone mentioned that ups-nut supports Best Power products.
- Best Power also provides their own CheckUPS II software.  Binary only,
- unfortunately, but they do provide linux/i386, solaris/sparc and x86,
- and digital/alpha versions, all of which _should_ work on their
- respective platforms with proper /emul files...  

	Hmm, the CD's I got with my 3 Axxiom's included a
subdirectory of source that would also talk to the UPS.  Not
that I've actually tried to build/run those sources, but I did
start to read them once..

	Of course, I've got another twist to insert.. I'm going
to have all three of them connecting to a terminal server acting
as remote serial ports..

	My attempts at talking to the Axxiom's using the
protocol documented on the ups-nut web pages have failed, but at
this point, I'm willing to blame the operator.. :-)

Eric Schnoebelen
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