Subject: Re: UPS to use with NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/11/2001 16:09:57
Brook Milligan <> wrote:
>   I'm very happy with Best Power's (Micro-)FerrUPS units.  They have a
>   very nice RS-232 interface, even on their older models.  My old (1992)
>Are there public documents on the RS-232 communications protocol that
>can be used to control them (or other Best Power products)?  If so,
>where are they?

Someone mentioned that ups-nut supports Best Power products.

Best Power also provides their own CheckUPS II software.  Binary only,
unfortunately, but they do provide linux/i386, solaris/sparc and x86,
and digital/alpha versions, all of which _should_ work on their
respective platforms with proper /emul files...  (I've gotten the
Linux version to at least start up, but testing is difficult when the
UPSes in question run the whole computer center...)

(I'm in the process of trying to pkgsrc checkups... its shell scripts
are the most horrific things I've ever seen, far worse than the typical
GNU configure script, and they happen to vary by small (e.g. different
whitespace) nits from platform to platform...)

I'd probably recommend ups-nut for an all or mostly NetBSD setup, and
only suggest the checkups if you're already using checkups for
windows/nt/novell as your master server...


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