Subject: ipf counting and rrdtool
To: None <>
From: Gwilym Evans <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/11/2001 19:49:39
Since my ISP has recently imposed a 3gb/m limit on my ADSL (with loosely
defined 'free' sites) I was considering making a setup to use ipf and
rrdtool to keep tabs on my hourly/daily usage.

Before setting out into the unknown (I'm a beginner really) I was wondering
if anyone has done this already.

I'm using simple rules such as:
count in on ppp0 from any to any
count out on ppp0 from any to any

and also some extended rules:
count in on le0 from to !
count out on le0 from ! to

for each pc to show the amount of real traffic being sent through ipnat.

ipacct is good, but not right for what I need, so if anyone has an rrdtool
based setup going already, feel free to let me know :)