Subject: Re: DEC vt320 terminal problem
To: None <>
From: Shannon Hendrix <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/09/2001 21:55:58
On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 07:05:42PM -0400, Kevin P. Neal wrote:

> > I just got a DEC vt510 delivered today, and hooked it up to my SS5,
> > replacing the vt320.  This is definitely a big improvement, and I can
> > use a PC keyboard on top of it.  
> But can you get into setup with a PC keyboard? I couldn't figure out how,
> so I threw on an LK450-AA I got from a local junk store. F3 gets me into 
> setup. 

Yes, you hit ALT-SysRq, and that puts you into the configuration menu.
You can completely remap the PC keyboard just like the DEC one too,
which is a nice bonus.

> > However, I still get the same problems within shells even with DSR and
> > xon/off flow control, and limits on character transmit.  This is really
> > frustrating.
> And you are using a properly wired null modem? Then again, I'm not sure
> how this would matter since:

I'm using a genuine Digital RS-423 to serial converter, which I assume
does the right thing.  The 510 has RS-232 so I could try that instead.

> > I guess this must be an issue with NetBSD-sparc's serial ports, because
> > it seems fine on an Intel machine.  It would help a great deal if the
> > shells would issue a simple linefeed/carriage return instead of just
> > running the cursor to EOL and depending on autowrap.
> Ick.

Yeah, I'm a little surprised that curses code still does that kind of
thing. On a software terminal on a fast machine, you just never notice
it's happening. I think the serial code needs fixing, but I still don't
see why the shells don't simply issue what they want.

> Sorry, AlphaStation 200 (233 MHz). 

I used to have one of those, and I miss it. Except for the relatively
slow SCSI, it was actually a decently fast machine. I seem to remember
that it heated the room a lot though.

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