Subject: Re: UPS to use with NetBSD?
To: Thomas Mueller <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/06/2001 14:34:34

On 5 Jul 2001, at 23:30, Martin Husemann wrote:
>  apc has a battery replacement program, but you have to make
> sure
> the model is still supported there.

It seems that this depends upon the location you are. Here in 
Austria APCs low end UPS are priced to compete with other 
verndors products (after some companies seemed to successfully 
win market shares that hurt APC), but batteries are expensive and 
replacement programms only available for higher price models. 

For workstations I made good experiences with bestpower, but 
APC are good too, when used with "noname" batteries. For servers 
and or large installations, APC is very well known for its ability to 
have an excellent service like product and parts replacement. 

I really like the IMV products, starting at about 2000 VA online UPS 
they offer SNMP boards and the price/performance ratio is pretty 
well, but again, that can depend whether or not a representant is 
near your location.