Subject: Transparent proxy support for irc
To:, NetBSD Users list <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/30/2001 11:14:06
Hi all,

I have installed tircproxy in my firewall to be able to support dcc
sends and chats. I've followed the manual and I've done everything
as explained there, but I can't get it working. Ipnat's rdr rules
seem not to work.

I've added this rule at the top of ipnat.rules file:
	rdr ed0 port 6667 -> port 7666 tcp
where ed0 is my local nic and is my local network.

Then, I run the tircproxy like this:
	tircproxy -d9 -s 7666 -MLHR -i
also as explained in the manual.

No luck. The proxy does not get any connection. I use ipnat -l to see
active nats, but only MAP occurs.

I've also tried with 0/32, 0/0 in source ip of rdr rule, and the 
only that seems to redirect connections is 0/0. But this has a problem,
when tircproxy gets the connection it says:
	[482]   No /var/run/user- file found, ident response will be wrong!
	ioctl: Bad address

BTW, ipf is not blocking any ports in the local network, so it can't be
a problem.

Any idea??

Thanks a lot.