Subject: i386-cygwin32, mingw, w32api
To: '' <>
From: Huusko Arto <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/27/2001 14:18:34

I am interested in compiling my software for Win32 using NetBSD.
Because of licensing issues, I can't use cygwin's DLL. What are
my chances of (relatively easily, I'm hoping) to make the
cygwin32 cross compiler to use mingw and w32api (as I do on
genuine Windows host)?

Without actually reading/trying the cross compiler at all, I was
thinking along the lines of doing this:

 - install the cross-compiler
 - install the genuine cygwin32 packages mingw32 and w32api to
the NetBSD environment
 - use the cross-compiler with the -no-cygwin and the (which ever
it was) w32api switch
 - and voila

Does the cross-compiler support the -no-cygwin, and would it do
the right thing with it?

 -- Arto Huusko