Subject: Re: NetBSD is not Linux
To: None <>
From: Oleg Polianski <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/12/2001 19:24:01
<> writes:

> > This is kind of an interesting issue. People often put forward that Linux
> > "kernel threads" suck because "one process/thread is known to be an
> > inefficient way of implementing kernel threads", but I haven't really
> > heard any arguments as to why it necessarily has to be? Why would it
> because context switching takes time, especially in linux with lots of
> processes.

 Do you have concrete numbers, do you? Could you please show us them, it's
 a very interesting reading. Especially when they're compared with other
 available UNIX'es (like Solaris, NetBSD, Free/OpenBSD).

Take care,