Subject: Re: Call to inittodr missing from cd9660_mountroot (was Re: making bootable rescue CD?
To: None <>
From: Rob Quinn <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/11/2001 16:53:02
>> I finally had a few free minutes to track this down, and I found that
>> cd9660_vfsops.c:cd9660_mountroot() doesn't call the inittodr() function...
>> And I agree with the comment in pr#1413 that a parameter of zero should
>> disable the "WARNING: preposterous time in file system" message.

> Considring that that fs time in a cd9660 is going to be roughly when the CD
> was created, and never updated, there's not really much reason to use the fs
> time to seed the system time.

 So, you're saying you're going to implement pr#1413 and insert the call to