Subject: RE: NetBSD is not Linux
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From: Stephane St Hilaire <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/11/2001 16:22:15
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Subject: RE: NetBSD is not Linux

>> >> You can of course create more than one.
> >and each thread creates new process.
>> Perhaps but they all share the same memory space (no IPC required for
>> trivial tasks)so what's the problem exactly ? 

>that you can't have more than 4090 processes in linux. and other that
>linux handles lots of processes terribly slow.

I'm not sure what is your point... Is 4090 processes an insufficient number
? Does a program made up of one executable/two threads require more
ressources and run slower than a program that forks itself up and uses twice
the amount of memory ? Are you saying that threads are not useful in an OS
and should never be a part of NetBSD ?