Subject: Supfiles and refuse
To: None <>
From: J Ramos <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/10/2001 12:03:34
I've been messing around with sup to update my pkgsrc stuff, and it
finally hit me, I don't want all of the stuff in pkgsrc. My
/etc/supfiles/coll.list looks like such:

current release=pkgsrc hostbase=/ftp/pub \
base=/usr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix compress delete

at least for the pkgsrc part. Ok, from the sup manpage, it says there's
a "sup" subdirectory under the base direcroy, /usr/sup in my case.
Looking at the man page again, I can have a "refuse" file with what
should be ignored. Does that have to be individual packages, or should a
broad /usr/pkgsrc/ham, etc... be ok?


- Josh Ramos,
- NetBSD/sparc, FreeBSD/i386