Subject: RE: NetBSD is not Linux
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From: Stephane St Hilaire <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/06/2001 16:32:10
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To: Thomas Mueller
Subject: Re: NetBSD is not Linux

>> I am new to NetBSD, downloaded for a preview onto a hard disk which
>> inaccessible (not sure if it's that particular hard disk that went bad).
>> notice Linux is far ahead of NetBSD for multiprocessor support, and Linux

>linux had multiprocessing long before netbsd. but how about it's quality?

Linux has pthreads too.

>> ELF long before NetBSD.  Linux has an anarchy of many distributions, some
Linux has many distributions yes, what makes that an anarchy exactly ?

>> Red Hat) seeming to go out of their way to out-Windows MS-Windows with
> GUI.

>exactly. good there are people who see that.

I haven't used linux all that long but kde and gnome looked pretty much the
same on linux as they do on NetBSD. I might have missed something.